Why PM79

PM79 offers your business a unique and different way to source talent from a niche Network of Professionals.  We offer our unique approach to the traditional sourcing model and offer qualified people who are actively seeking work opportunities in Melbourne and Sydney.

The PM79 Network is developed through our own member referral program. We are able to offer employers a lower risk and higher value service over traditional approaches.

We also offer a Mentoring Service to coach and develop the capability of your employees.

Seeking new and innovative approaches?   Learn more about our Employee Mentoring Service or Employee Referral Service.

The number 79 is the atomic number for GOLD. At PM79 we strive to set the industry GOLD Standard. This is the driving principal behind how we operate and treat others. Whether you are an employer, employee, member, agency or partner we promise to deliver a gold experience in our interactions with you.

We really do believe that People Matter and here lays the heart  and promise of PM79.

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We offer an alternative to the costly hit and miss traditional recruitment agency approach. Our general services attract only a minimal and  modest flat fee. We offer guaranteed services that are extremely cost effective and delivered with a  personal touch.